To many construction companies, your project is
just a number on a ledger

Other contractors or construction managers may treat you like a cash cow, but at Gerard Construction Corp you won’t be just a client, you’ll be a partner.

Modern technology has done great things for optimization and efficiency, but attentive service and personal relationships often get moved aside in favor of better numbers and bigger profits. The construction industry is not immune to this, and too many companies focus on maximizing bills and rushing projects in order to move on to the next profit venture. This approach leaves their clients wanting better quality and more personal attention to their unique problems.

At Gerard Construction Corp we don’t have clients, we have partners. Our focus is on building strong relationships with those who rely on us for contractor, management, or consulting services. However, we still utilize cutting-edge technology to streamline construction, provide “out-of-the-box” solutions, and lower costs for our partners. This is how we build partnerships based on trust and respect. Gerard Construction Corp won’t squeeze every dollar out of your project just to make a profit; we’d rather complete your project the right way, so you’ll remember us when it comes time to build something new.

constructed building

Gerard Construction Corp has been building trusting relationships in the construction industry for over two decades, and we’re proud to be affiliated with these respected organizations.

  • ICSC
  • Self Storage Association

No matter which of our services you leverage, we’ll make operations smooth and transparent

Our process is simple:


Our first task is also the most important: getting to know your needs and goals to formulate an effective plan.


We manage operations and handle subcontractors, so your project has clear direction and leadership.


Detailed reports with key performance indicators are generated by our advanced software to give you maximum oversight of your project.

Now you can get modern, technology-driven construction management services without feeling like a statistic.

Contact Gerard Construction Corp today and we’ll break new ground together.

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