Every great structure starts with a plan.

Gerard Construction Corp.’s Pre-Construction Services use our team’s decades of experience to draft a meticulous construction plan that will ensure your project runs smoothly without going over budget. We’ll unite everyone involved with your project and leave no stone unturned when hammering out the details. By fully engaging all parties in the process, we can identify cost savings, schedule milestones, and predict potential challenges early on so that solutions can be prepared. Your project’s complications will be addressed before they can become expensive, time-consuming problems.

Every project we create a pre-construction plan for is fully staffed; you’ll never get anything less than a complete, capable team. Your assigned pre-construction team will be equipped with the best estimating, scheduling, and project management software available. This technological edge enables us to be in continual, real-time communication with you and any other relevant parties.

Our Pre-Construction Services Typically Include:
  • Review of design documents to provide comprehensive budgets, estimates, and a preliminary project schedule.
  • Facilitation of meetings with owners, architects, contractors, and subcontractors.
  • Value engineering input from all parties.
  • Development of the critical path of the project schedule.
  • Review of design alternatives to address cost-effectiveness and construction feasibility.
  • Preparation and presentation of appropriate subcontractor bids for Owner’s approval.
  • Development of scope of work parameters for each trade.
  • Assembly and dissemination of bid packages.
  • Development of long-lead procurement items list.
  • Awarding of subcontracts and preparation of contract documents.

From Dedication, Unparalleled Quality Emerges

Site Development

A poorly prepared construction site can lead to a variety of problems after operations begin. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Managing the operation of a construction site effectively takes experience and specialized expertise. Our teams have an abundance of both.

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Project Management

Instead of providing piecemeal services, a dedicated Project Manager will coordinate your project from start to finish. We’ll make your project, our project.

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