Design, management, and execution, all under one roof.

Owners of construction projects often have their own design/architectural team to plan their structure, then hand it off to an outside construction management firm. However, this approach can lead to friction and lack of coordination between the two teams, resulting in delays, cost increases, or worse. Gerard Construction Corp’s Design/Build Services bring both teams under unified leadership to avoid these potential problems. By consolidating design and construction under one service, we are able to oversee the complete process and guarantee clear direction and maximum cooperation.

As the contracted Design/Builder, Gerard Construction Corp will enter into consultant agreements on your behalf with professional architects and engineers to provide the required design services. We have strong relationships with some of the best professionals in the industry, and we will select the right team for the job based upon qualifications specific to the project. From inception to occupancy, your project will have an expert team that has proven experience working together like a well-oiled machine to reduce costs and risk, hit deadlines and benchmarks with ease, and ensure maximum quality.

The Many Benefits of Our Design/Build Services Include:
  • A single point of contact for the Owner throughout the entire project, simplifying administration.
  • Maximum cost oversight on the project, as all parties are engaged immediately and directly.
  • Accelerated construction schedule.
  • A more collaborative team for better quality control.
  • Greater diversity of team skills and experience, so constructability issues can be addressed while the project is still in the design phase.

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Every construction project begins with a plan. Partner with Gerard Construction Corp to ensure yours is comprehensive and cost-effective.

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Site Development

A poorly prepared construction site can lead to a variety of problems after operations begin. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.

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Managing the operation of a construction site effectively takes experience and specialized expertise. Our teams have an abundance of both.

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