Now that our new store in Farmingdale, N.Y. is open for business, we would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate yourself and your company on an excellent job. As you and both know, this project presented us with numerous difficulties (i.e. extremely accelerated schedule, coordination with landlord doing the site, adverse weather, numerous changes, etc…) and Gerard Construction and their subcontractors responded to the challenge and opened our store on time.

We would look forward to working with your company again on any project in your geographic area and would recommend your company’s services to other potential clients. Office Depot completed this job fully confident that Gerard kept our interests number one and kept their efforts not only in completing this one job but also to build a continual relationship for future work.

This project started out with unavoidable delays associated with the site preparation that Office Depot and Gerard were not responsible for. Once this site was turned over for the building to start, Gerards’ building superintendent, (Sal Nacinovich) made an immediate positive impact on the site. In the first days on the project, Mr.Nacinovich noted numerous site layouts that were wrong and also alerted all parties that a retaining wall that was being installed by a separate contractor was staked out in the wrong location. This alone saved uncounted time and lost monies for all involved.

This particular project also presented another new twist for Office Depot that Gerard was involved with. Typically Office Depot fixtures their buildings with their own employees in a two week time frame. Due to our schedule we only had one week to complete the fixturing. Gerard Construction provided an extremely knowledgeable superintendent (Sal Taddeo) to run a crew of fixturing carpenters. The fixturing was substantially completed in five working days. Quite a feat!

In summation, Gerard and their crews have completed a project for Office Depot in a time frame that at times appeared impossible (original schedule was 110 days, final schedule ended up at 74 days from start of footings to fixturing). This was also done without allowing quality to suffer. Thanks for a job well done.

Charles Carmichael & John Minor
Office Depot